1.5mm Greeneseal© Non Asbestos Gasket Sheeting

Our Greeneseal© non-asbestos range of gasket material provides a low cost solution to many sealing requirements involving oils, solvents, gases, hot and cold water, low pressure steam and many dilute acids and alkalis.
It is capable of working up to 60 BAR and 300° C (Subject to media and thickness)

With our centreing out pricing policy you can be assured that we supply gaskets economically. With over 15,000 cutting formes available, in addition to 2 state of the art CAD/CAM cutting tables, your seals will be delivered accurately and quickly.

Our fibrous, metallic and PTFE ranges of gasket sheeting include top international brands including Garlock, Flexitallic, Klinger, Reinz and Gore alongside our Greeneseal© non-asbestos. These cover asbestos free, foil and tanged graphite, expanded, virgin and etched PTFE together with Mica based materials.

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