Covid 19

A message to all our valued customers and suppliers.
Good Afternoon,
I am sure you will have received statements, e-mails and newsletters from many sources, so I will keep this short and to the point detailing the actions we have taken, the plans we have in place, and how it may affect the service we provide.
As this is a rapidly changing, ongoing crisis, we accept that the measures we have undertaken and have planned, are being constantly reviewed and will be updated as, and when required.
We take the health, welfare and well-being of our staff, customers and suppliers first, so that has been the basis of our decisions, based on advice from the Government and Public Health England.
As we supply many food, pharmaceutical, hygiene and utility businesses, we know that we will be required to supply these critical industries with spares and replacements over the coming weeks and months; therefore we have taken the decision not to close the business completely and risk causing a problem further down the line.
To decrease the risk of potential contamination from Coronavirus, we felt the best way of reducing the chance of exposure amongst our staff was to limit contact as much as we could.
The measures we have put in place are:

As of 23/03/2020, all staff that can work at home are doing so, either indefinitely or on a rotational basis.

We are alternating our production team to a “week on/week off” basis, to limit contact with other team members. This ensures that we are able to better segregate employees throughout the factory whilst maintaining our production ability.

The office will be manned with a skeleton team of between 2 to 4 people, with other members accessible by phone or e-mail.

Non-essential visitors will not be allowed on the premises and there are strict guidelines in place for essential visitors. 

What this may mean:

Our carriers are operating normally so deliveries should not be affected, although our lead-times may increase during this difficult period.

Although stocks are good now, we may see some shortages over coming weeks.Our own delivery service continues currently; however, we are conscious that some customers may not accept deliveries; please inform us if this is the case. 

As the situation develops and evolves, we will make decisions on our future direction based on advice from Public Health England and the Government, always ensuring that our staff’s, customers and suppliers’ welfare and health are at the forefront.
I wish you all the best of health.

Simon Carless
W.C. Munsch & Co./PTM Limited

If you need any help or advice simply give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and one of our technical team will help you out.

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