PVC Curtains, to help keep staff warm

PVC Curtains
PVC Curtains


Lots of factories and industrial units keep a door open to the outside, to allow people, forklift trucks, deliveries and materials to enter and exit easily and not all of these have PVC Curtains..


While this is a necessary requirement for many businesses, it can make autumn & winter an uncomfortable time for employees who need to work in an environment which needs easy access.


Especially in these times of high energy costs, you can possibly do more for your employees; easily and economically.


There is a solution however, even with roller shutters and doors open.


PVC Strip Curtains help to protect workers against the cold in the darker months.

Plastic Strip Curtains enable easy access through an open door, whilst maintaining warmth inside the area. 

They achieve this through easily accessible PVC strips, which hang from a rail above the opening. For easy transit, employees and people can simply move the individual strips to the side when staff, drivers, forklift truck operators, and other visitors need to pass through them.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains

There are several styles and grades of Flexible Strip Curtain that can be utilised in your workplace or warehouse.

Each style of PVC strip has its own benefits, and the different grades are suited to different applications.

The main types and styles we supply are:

  • Super Clear Standard Grade – clear standard PVC, offering great visibility and a good level of insulation, suitable for temperatures down to -10° C.
  • Polar/Freezer Grade – the ultimate grade for particularly low temperatures – primarily, freezers, and also any other exceptionally cold areas where temperatures are below -10° C.
  • Ribbed/Bumper Grade – ribbed, sometimes referred to as bumper strips are designed for high traffic, heavy-usage areas, pallets, or areas where forklift trucks need access.
  • Perforated PVC – this style is a great option to have in food preparation areas, kitchens, canteens and other workplaces which require ventilation but must comply with any food legislation or other standard.

What style of hanging system shall I use for my door?

Different door styles, and different possible uses mean we offer a choice of two hanging systems



Our ‘Hook on’ system is the most popular for pedestrian and light duty doorways, as it is a simple task to replace strips should you ever need to, plus cleaning the hook-on strips is made easier by the fact that they just “un-hook”.

Generally used for larger curtains or in heavy duty areas, our ‘Bolt-on’ system is usually used with heavier, thicker, wider grades of PVC as opposed to the thinner, narrower grades.

What type of PVC do I need for my PVC Curtains?

Internal doors with standard levels of use in non-windy areas need a minimum strip width and thickness of 200mm x 2mm.

If this traffic includes FLT’s, then you should increase the PVC strips width to 300mm.

External and high openings require, thicker, heavier duty strips to maintain an overlap and retain either warmth or chilled air. We would recommend, either 3mm or 4mm, in 300mm or 400mm widths. Alternatively, the ribbed grades provide additional weight, meaning they won’t move as much in external or windier environments.

You can read more about our range of PVC styles including colours, widths and thicknesses, alongside our “special” grades here.

We don’t recommend PVC Curtains for cars or vehicles. Instead, read all about our “Sliding System” here.

anti-microbial PVC

PVC Curtains for employee protection.

There are numerous HSE (Health & Safety) benefits gained from using PVC strip curtains around your warehouse or factory.

As well as reducing the cold, PVC Curtains protect staff & visitors in a variety of ways.

PVC Strip Curtains can reduce the amount of dust or pollen in the air, from reaching staff elsewhere in the building. Additionally, they prevent entry by birds and vermin.

Do you install?

PVC Strip Curtains


Yes, we offer a full nationwide installation service including additional metalwork if required.

Simply send us a photograph/s of the area and dimensions.

Our experts will then quote you.

Do you offer any other PVC products?


We do, we also supply and install a range of crash doors, welding frames, welding curtains, free-flow curtains and PVC sheeting.

Also, for replacements, all of our components are available separately. Read more here.

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