Silicone Seals

Why should you use Silicone Seals rather than other types of rubber?

Silicone is unique when compared with other synthetic rubbers, in so much as its molecular chain doesn’t contain carbon. Instead it contains alternating atoms of silicon (SI) and oxygen. This combination is called polysiloxane. This unique feature contributes to many of its outstanding performance characteristics.

As Silicone (PMQ, PVMQ, VMQ) is physiologically inert, it makes it the preferred choice for many industries, including food, pharmaceutical and medical.

Silicone seals have excellent resistance to heat (Dry Air) at +200° C continuous and +220° C intermittently. They remain flexible at -70° C as the low temperature resistance is equally good.

Silicone is resistant to ultra-violet light, ozone and weathering. It also exhibits low flammability and low smoke toxicity.

Silicone has good electrical insulation properties.

Silicone Sheeting

Our sheeting range includes various colours, white, red, black blue and translucent. This means your silicone seals can be manufactured in a suitable colour to show any potential leakage.

We offer two hardness’s of silicone sheeting, 60° Sh A and 40° Sh A, dependent on the colour and thickness required.

We can supply silicone in rolls, sheets, strips or cut gaskets. Our rolls of silicone sheeting are 10 metres x 1200mm from 1mm to 6mm. They are 5 metres x 1200mm for thicker gauges.

Most of our sheeting range is WRAS approved, which means it is suitable for drinking water seals and gaskets.

Blue metal detectable grades are the preferred choice in food and pharmaceutical industries as metal detectors can pick up on any particles in the event of gasket failure.

Silicone Moulding

In our moulding compounds, we offer a wider range of hardness’s from 25° Sh A to 70° Sh A. Subject to minimum order quantities, we can supply moulded parts in any colour.

We can produce silicone mouldings of the finished part, or can mould sheets for further conversion.

With compound, we have more flexibility to offer polymer specific grades to suit your needs. We can offer high tear strength, metal detectable and even thermo-chromic grades, which change colour at different temperatures.

Platinum cured silicone mouldings can be supplied too if that is part of your requirement. Platinum cured silicone has generally better physical properties especially tensile strength and tear strength. It can also be made clearer than peroxide cured silicone.

All the ingredients in our Silicone range have been checked against the latest update of the CFR21 FDA 177-2600 ingredient listings, and are present at the level permitted. This also means they are compliant with EC1935:2004 regulations.

Silicone Compound
Silicone Compound

Silicone Sponge

If you require a low pressure sealing solution we stock silicone sponge from 1.5mm to 25mm either plain or self-adhesive backed.

Silicone sponge is stocked primarily in white, but blue grades are available.

If you need any help or advice simply give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and one of our technical team will help you out.

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