Welded Sigma 500 Gasket

When you need a big gasket, we can help. Our welded gaskets service is ideal when your gasket cannot be cut from a standard sheet of PTFE.

In the photo above, the gasket is over 4000mm x 1600mm. Standard sheets of Sigma 500 are usually 1500mm square so the above gasket couldn’t be produced from standard sheeting.

The solution therefore was to cut the gasket in segments on our oscillationg knife CAD/CAM cutting tables then weld the segments together to produce the finished part.

When we had welded the gasket together, we produced a template allowing us to mark out, then punch the bolt holes to ensure they lined up with the flange that the gasket needed to go on.

Our welded gasket service is available on our full range of PTFE materials including Sigma®, Gylon®, Top Chem and other Virgin Grades.

Welded Gasket
Punching the Bolt-Holes

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