What are conductive gaskets used for?

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Like many components in the field of electricals, conductive gaskets play a vital role in your home.

Most properties will be home to gaskets like this, though you may not know what you’re sitting on unless you have experience with this type of fitting.

So, what exactly are conductive gaskets used for?

This article will be answering this question, along with providing you with an idea of which materials are best for this type of product. It’s easy to get your hands on the right gasket when you take the time to research your options.

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Shielding Electrical Emissions

Modern electricals need to be shielded to make sure that they are operating safely. This creates a challenge, with most of the boxes used to house these components being made from plastic that won’t be able to create a shielding effect. Using a conductive gasket solves this problem, providing you with the tools to make sure that is always getting the power you need. Many countries have legal requirements in place that force professionals and homeowners to make sure that they are using the right tools for this sort of job, and conductive gaskets are a big part of this.

Passing Power Along

Alongside being unable to provide adequate shielding, plastic electrical boxes also can’t conduct electricity. This means that a medium is required to ensure that power can be passed into the box, and a gasket can be the ideal way to handle this sort of thing. This shouldn’t be used for high-voltage or other potentially dangerous applications, but it can be used for basic applications that don’t involve too much power. Of course, though, a professional should always install features like this for you.

The Materials

Creating conductive rubber for gaskets is a challenge, with this material usually acting as a good insulator. Nickel is the most commonly found metal used for this job, and it will usually come in the form of a powder that is worked into the material itself. This ensures even and reliable conductivity, without losing the properties that make rubber into an ideal gasket. We also offer sponge conductive gaskets, providing a softer and looser seal while still retaining the conductivity you need for your project. Here at Munsch & Co, we only work with the very best materials to provide our customers with the best results.

As you can see, conductive gaskets are incredibly important in the field of modern construction. It’s important to make sure that you have tools like this at hand when you are trying to work on a project like this. Many people embark on their DIY work or construction projects only to find that they need basic resources like this to be able to achieve their goals. Thankfully, we make it nice and easy to stock up.

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