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Munsch & Co/PTM believes in customer focus, delivering quality sealing solutions to the marketplace which  meet  our  customers  stated,  perceived  and  implied  requirements  to  improve  customer  satisfaction.

We provide services fit for their intended purpose, complying with agreed customers’ specifications and applicable requirements and regulations. Our company’s performance is also dependent upon the relationship with our suppliers and partners, who will be challenged to meet the requirements of our business through the application of defined quality procedures.

By striving for continuous improvement in a planned and measurable way, and by harnessing the creativity and commitment of all our staff, Munsch & Co/PTM will aim to achieve its stated business and strategic objectives.

The quality objectives are focused on driving improvement and are communicated throughout the company, and assessed as part of the management review. The objectives will be achieved  by controlling quality in a systematic and planned manner to make the improvement of quality a continuous process.

To enhance these objectives and this policy Munsch & Co/PTM strive to;

  • Fully publicise the quality policy and quality system to all employees (and any other  interested  parties),  encouraging  their  participation  in  the  Company’s  continual  improvement programs.
  • Enhance the business by challenging senior management on the strategic direction of the business through risk management.
  • Review  customer  requirements,  market  demands  and  maintain  awareness  of  competition.
  • Make  suppliers  aware  of  the  company’s quality system  requirements  and  closely  involve them in meeting requirements.
  • Train and develop all employees to meet their current and future needs, with those of  the business.

Managing Director  17th November 2021

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