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Below, you will find details of our main Sealing products categories, covering the wide range that we manufacture. By clicking on the links, additional information can be found along with data sheets.

Gaskets, Washers and Seals

Munsch and Co/PTM are a prominent supplier and manufacturer of gaskets, which are used widely in industries throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide in materials including rubber, PTFE, CNAF, Cork and Gylon®.

Rubber Mouldings & Bushes

We can design, manufacture and supply the shape, style and quantity that you require, if your process requires a rubber moulding. Mouldings are available in our full range of elastomeric polymers. We also specialise in rubber to metal mouldings.

Hand Fabricated Products

With over 45 years experience hand fabricating our complete range of materials we are able to offer solutions to even the most diverse problems in our range of rubber, textiles, Linatex and welded Polyurethane.

Extrusions, Profiles & Cord

Our range of extrusions covers inflatable seals, square section extrusion and profiles for many applications. We also supply a wide range of sponge cord and profiled shapes.

Pump and Gland Packing

Compression packing/s, or pump & gland seals are used under a range of conditions to seal a variety of fluids. They are used to contain water, chemicals, acids, solvents, gases, oil, and other chemicals.

Industrial Matting

We strive to help keep people safe and comfortable in many environments through specifying, supplying & delivering quality matting and flooring solutions in a wide range of materials and to specific standards.

Strips, Scraper & Skirts

Rubber Strips, sponge, Polyurethane, foam, and felt strips are a large part of our business. We supply thousands of metres of strip per month. Whether you require the strip plain or self adhesive backed* we can supply it.

O-Rings and bonded seals

With our massive stocks of O-rings in Nitrile, Viton, EPDM, Silicone and PTFE, you can be assured of quick delivery, when you need it. We also carry a comprehensive range of bonded (Dowty) seals, plus quad, and backup rings .

Abrasion Resistant Products

Abrasion Resistant Products

When it comes to the aggregates industry, abrasion resistant materials are crucial for longevity. Our elastomer range includes various grades of shotblast rubbers together with Linatex™, Linagard™ & Polyurethane.

Food and Metal Detectable

Our range of FDA and EC1935:2004 compliant materials, including our metal detectable range, are  commonplace in food & beverage, and other industries where health and safety legislation is a requirement.

Hose, Ducting and Fittings

Our comprehensive range of hose and ducting is used extensively in industries throughout the country and the continent. All styles can be complimented with a wide range of high quality fittings together with gaskets and seals.

Miscellaneous & Bespoke

With the diverse range of industries we supply into, it is little wonder that sometimes we get requests to supply other products including contact adhesives, felt, shadow boards, and brush strips  in addition to our normal range.

For more information, simply give us a call on 01625 573971 or fill in the form below.

Industries We Supply

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