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All About WC Munsch/PTM Limited

Find out all about WC Munsch/PTM Limited, which comprises of two companies, W. C. Munsch & Co. Ltd  and Polymer Trade Manufacturing Limited. Munsch were formed in November 1972 by Wilfred Charles (Joe) Munsch and Terry Carless. The factory was based in Clarence Mill in Bollington, (The Happy Valley) where the business still resides. It is a perfect building for storing elastomers as the walls are about 4 feet thick. This means the building has a pretty constant, cool temperature.


With 50 years’ experience in the industrial rubber and sealing sector they have always been recognised for stocking a massive range of rubber and sponge in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 50mm and being able to supply quickly and cost effectively in many formats.


In the early days of the company, the M.O.D. were one of their biggest customers. Hoses were one of the main products.


Over the years, rubber sales overtook hose and W.C. Munsch helped themselves grow by stocking a wide range of rubber from manufacturers such as Gates, Maclellan, Hatcham and Dunlop.


In 2001 Terry’s son, Simon joined the company to accompany his wife Debbie, the Company Secretary.


Since then Munsch has undergone significant changes.

This includes new machinery and an ongoing expansion of the workforce.

Terry retired in 2002. Following a management buyout in November 2022 Debbie retired, and Simon went into semi-retirement, albeit working in a consultancy role for the business advising on accounts training, ISO9001 Audits, plus website design, SEO work and IT support.

About WC Munsch/PTM
Clarence Mill where Munsch & Co/PTM Limited operate from.

Wrexham Rubber

In 2007 WC Munsch bought Wrexham Rubber Fabricators and Moulders. This gave the company two premises, but more importantly, a moulding and fabrications division.


Following Garlocks acquisition of Polymer Trade Moulding in 2010, W.C. Munsch bought all of their moulding presses.

That brought the total number of moulding presses up to 9 and the moulding business increased massively.

Factory Expansion

Wrexham Borough Council decided to demolish the unit in Wrexham in 2010 the decision was made to move.


We moved the operation over to Bollington. This enabled the company to reduce costs and give additional flexibility to cope with business needs.


The company expanded their space from 2,500 square feet to over 11,000.

New Staff

In 2011, with over 25 years’ experience in the sealing industry, Clive Marsh joined the company.


As sales director he brought a wealth of additional knowledge of hose, plastics, textiles and asbestos free materials.

Polymer Trade Manufacturing (PTM)

The business continued to expand over the next few years.


In 2015 we formed a new company, Polymer Trade Manufacturing, with Paul Gregory, who was formerly a director of Polymer Trade Mouldings.


Paul brought even more experience to the company.


Polymer Trade Manufacturing (PTM) has continued to develop into a very successful company under strong leadership.


ISO9001:2015 was achieved in 2016 and complements the Company’s desire to continually improve.

This benefits both employees and customers alike.


The product range has increased dramatically over the last few years. It now includes a full range of plastics, non-asbestos sheeting, PTFE, Gylon™ and metallic gaskets with over 100,000 stocked items.

Production machinery has been expanded and now includes 7 gasket presses, 2 oscillating knife cad-cam cutting tables, 10 moulding presses, log-cutters and 4 strip machines.

Both companies complement each other and continue to develop and expand whilst maintaining their strong ethos of providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing and realistic delivery times using quality materials.


If you would like to find out more about WC Munsch/PTM, give us a ring or fill in one of our contact forms.

All Change

In 2022, Clive and Paul offered to buy Simon and Debbie’s shares allowing them to take early retirement, although Simon will continue working for the business on a consultancy basis concentrating on ISO9001 audits and updates, website design and updates together with IT and accountancy training and support.


He will do this on a self-employed basis for the foreseeable future.

Latest Developments

We decided some time ago, that to reduce duplication and speed up efficiency within the business, we would amalgamate both companies under one name.

Having considered various options, we eventually settled on Polymer Trade Munsch Limited, thus retaining the two well established companies names, although we shall use Polymer Trade Manufacturing Limited as the trading name for the foreseeable future as we don’t want to inconvenience our customers with another name change.

Polymer Trade Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Polymer Trade Munsch. W.C. Munsch and Company Limited will be made dormant in the near future, thus streamlining the business, reducing cost, and removing duplication.

Going forward we are gradually introducing our new logo. See below.

PTM New Logo
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