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Trace-ability, cleanliness, and compliance with regulations including EC1935:2004 and FDA, are essential within the Pharmaceutical industry.

All of our products, from mouldings to gaskets are supplied in accordance with ISO9001:2015 to ensure peace of mind.

As specialists in the manufacture of sealing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry we are able to offer the widest range of products from cut gaskets, strips, rolls and mouldings, in materials that comply with a host of standards and regulations required.

Having our own in-house moulding shop means we can produce seals in a wider range of materials than commonly available in standard calendared sheeting, including metal and X-Ray detectable grades.

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Pharmaceutical Range

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Iso-Flate™ inflatable seals are manufactured in the UK and are designed to provide efficient hermetic sealing solutions providing protection against incursions by powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust.

We manufacture gaskets in a wide range of materials suited to the pharmaceutical industry. We stock the full Gylon® and Sigma® ranges together with virgin and expanded PTFE. Our polymer range includes many FDA/EC1935:2004 compliant grades.

The ‘O’ Ring or Toroidal Seal is a simple, versatile and economical device with a vast range of uses, however in many cases it is indispensable. We carry vast stocks and also supply O-ring kits with a variety of sizes for maintenance teams.

Widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry, our range of metal detectable products are FDA and EC1935:2004 compliant giving peace of mind that in the event of gasket or seal failure any particles will be picked up by metal detectors.

With over 45 years experience hand fabricating our complete range of materials we are able to offer solutions to even the most diverse problems including metal detectable grades.

Compression packings are commonly used on valves, pumps and other rotary and reciprocating equipment. Our standard range of compression packing’s are constructed of either x or square braids.

Machined components can be manufactured from PTFE and many other Thermoplastics including PEEK, PVDF and PCTFE. They can be either simple turned components or complex CNC milled parts.

Our range of EC1935:2004, FDA and WRAS compliant materials together with metal detectable grades is vast and available in a variety of polymers. Our presses range from 16″ to 40″ enabling us to mould a wide variety of products from lid seals to O-rings.

Our comprehensive range is used extensively in industries throughout the UK and Europe and with the majority being in stock, delivery can be made quickly. We also stock a wide range of hose fittings, clamps and assemblies.

A valuable product for maintenance teams as it can be used to make temorary repairs to leaking flanges. Our range is made from 100% pure PTFE expanded using a unique process into a febrile structure which forms a strong, consistent material which is impervious to liquids and gasses.

We are happy to advise on any application, but final responsibility lies with the customer.


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