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What we do......

What we do......


With 50 years experience supplying gaskets and seals to our wide range of customers, we are renowned for stocking a huge selection of materials including rubber, PTFE, Cork, Asbestos Free Fibe and metallics.


PTFE Envelope Gasket

Our range of machinery including oscillating knife CAD/CAM cutting tables enable us to produce parts, quickly and efficiently.


Our moulding presses range from 16″ platens to over a metre enabling us to produce both rubber, and rubber to metal mouldings from our extensive range of elastomeric compounds.

Rubber Moulding


Moulded Butterfly Valve Seal

Working closely with our rubber compounders, we are able to advise and develop application specific polymers in our complete range of colours and hardnesses. 


Whether your requirement is for a simple hand fabricated sleeve, or a more complex, custom designed chute liner; our experienced fabrication department has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.

Welded Polyurethane


Pu Welded Double Flanged Connector

In addition to rubber, we also fabricate parts in our range of textiles, welded polyurethane, plus foam and sponge.


You may simply need a rubber or sponge strip to stop water ingress or a metallic ring for high temperature applications. Thankfully, with our experience, we are able to advise and supply practically every type of seal.

Silicone Sponge Strip

Other Seals

Silicone Sponge Strip

Our extensive range doesn’t just stop at soft cut materials. We also supply plastics, felt, lead, polyurethane, coated textiles and gland packing.

Who we are......

Who we are......

Established in 1972, Munsch & Co has 50 years’ experience in the Industrial Rubber and Sealing Sector.

Recognised for stocking a massive range of sealing materials in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 50mm, and being able to supply quickly, in many formats means we are usually the “One Stop Shop” for your sealing needs.

Polymer Trade Manufacturing was formed in 2015 and specialises in providing engineered sealing solutions to industry.

We offer a variety of high quality sealing materials including, PTFE, Gylon™, Sigma™ and metal gaskets, we work with both our suppliers and our customers to offer a reliable, cost effective and professional solution to keep your business running.

What we use......

What we use......

Some of our most popular materials include...


Rubber Full Faced Gasket


We convert one of the widest ranges of rubber in the UK. Our polymers cover practically all grades and are available from 0.5mm – 50mm thick. We carry various BS and also food compliant (FDA and EC1935:2004) grades.

PTFE Gaskets


Gore Expanded PTFE Gasket


Whether your requirement is for expanded, Virgin, or filled grades of P.T.F.E. you can be assured that our offering includes options from the worlds leading manufacturers including W.L. Gore.


Colour Coded Plastic Shims


Our range of colour coded plastic shimstock is great for ease of identification. We carry a complete range of industrial plastics too including Nylon, Polycarbonate, PEEK, Acrylic, Acetal and polypropylene.

Gylon Range


Gylon™ Full Faced Gaskets


Garlock’s Gylon™ range is infamous throughout the world, and as an authorised supplier, our offering is vast. Whether it be Blue Gylon™ 3504, brick red Gylon™ 3501 or expanded Gylon™ 3540, we stock and convert it all.

Novus 30

Non-Asbestos Fibre

Novus 30 Full Faced Gasket

Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF)

Alongside our own brand Greeneseal™ we also supply CNAF products from the worlds leading manufacturers including Flexitallic, Garlock, Klinger and Reinz. CNAF can be supplied in sheets, strips or gaskets.

Cork Gaskets

Rubber Bonded Cork

Manifold Style Gasket

Rubber Bonded Cork

Most often used for gaskets in controlled swell environments, like sumps, our rubber bonded cork is combined with either Neoprene or Nitrile to enhance its properties and chemical resistance.

Silicone Compound

Rubber Compound

Silicone Coloured Compound

Rubber Compound

We use rubber compounds from low cost SBR for general applications, to Perfluoroelastomers for aggressive duties. We can also help if you have a specific type, colour or hardness requirement.

Copper Washer

Metallic & Semi-Metallic

Copper Washers

Metallic and Semi-Metallic

Our metal and semi-metallic range includes, steel, copper, and brass. We even manufacture eyelet gaskets from more exotic materials including monel, Inconel and titanium, and also supply spiral wound and RTJ gaskets.

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