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Although we support all industries, the most common key industries are detailed below, giving an insight into our scope and range of products.

Key Industries

Chemical Industry

Quality assured range of seals.

Chemical Industry

Having confidence in a suppliers’ ability to provide quality materials is imperative in the Chemical Industry. With 50 years’ experience in this field we are able to recommend the correct polymer or product and supply in accordance to ISO9001:2015. In addition to our range of sheeting, we are able to mould either sheets or finished products in the more obscure materials required in this field.


Gaskets, seals and mouldings


With our long standing experience supplying automotive gaskets and after-market parts you can be confident that we can offer advice on many items including rocker cover, sump and exhaust gaskets, window seals, door trims and O-rings. For repeat orders, our fully computerised stores with inventory control enable us to supply your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Wind Farm

Power Generation

Products designed for the energy sector.

Power Generation

Within the energy sector, it is essential to have a supplier that is proficient, adaptable and able to supply a full range of materials from sponge for parts protection, to high grade cork gaskets for switch gear housings.

Our expertise stretches across all power generation areas including, Coal, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind and Gas.

Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical

High temperature, high pressure sealing solutions.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Outside of regular maintenance schedules, if a breakdown occurs, it is comforting to know that a company who have been regularly tested, supplying quality products, rapidly, for 50 years, are on-hand. With over 100,000 regularly used parts, from RTJ’s to Spiral Wound Gaskets and O-rings in stock, coupled with a trusted supplier base, you know we will soon have you up and running again.

Food Processing

Food & Beverage

A complete range complying with standards like FDA, EC1935:2004 etc.

Food & Beverage

Full trace-ability and being able to supply materials compliant with a wide range of standards including EC1935:2004, FDA, KTW, WRAS, USP, and TA-Luft is paramount within the food and beverage sector. We now manufacture and supply a huge range of FDA/EC1935:2004 compliant, blue metal detectable items including gaskets, mouldings, connectors and suction cups.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Quality sealing products for this diverse sector.

Manufacturing & Engineering

In such a diverse sector with many bespoke requirements, a supplier with a comprehensive product range and offering is required. Our variety of materials is extensive and as we supply some of the largest organisations in the United Kingdom, we have vast experience in procuring non-standard sealing products and materials.


Quarrying & Mining

Abrasion resistant seals for use with aggressive media.

Quarrying & Mining

Resilient products are essential in an industry dealing with abrasive materials. Fortunately we carry a huge range of high quality materials that can be supplied in many formats including skirt rubbers, table mats, NCB158 grade Neoprene, conveyor belts and wear strips to name but a few.


Supplied in accordance to ISO9001:2015.


Trace-ability, cleanliness, and compliance with regulations including EC1935:2004 and FDA, are essential within the Pharmaceutical industry. All of our products, from mouldings to gaskets are supplied in accordance with ISO9001:2015 to ensure quality and consistency.

Water and Waste Water

A wide choice for the water industry.


Whether you need gaskets for potable drinking water applications or scrapers for sewage farms, it is reassuring to know that one company with years of experience supplying into the water and WWT industries exists. We carry a wide range of WRAS approved materials in elastomers and fibrous sheet.



With the harsh elements encountered in the marine industry, it is reassuring to know that you can obtain high quality products, from hatch door seals to engine gaskets, from one tried and trusted supplier.

Our range is extensive and many of our fibrous and PTFE based materials conform to American Bureau of Ships standard.

Pulp & Paper

Effective seals are an important requirement to reduce water consumption within the pulp and paper processing industry. Fortunately, with one of the widest ranges of high quality stocked materials, plus the expertise to recommend the correct solution, we are confident that we can save you money and minimise any potential environmental impact caused by inferior materials leaking.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

“Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility.” Fortunately our comprehensive range of H & S supplies coupled with our expertise at recommending and supplying the right products within this field are second to none. Whether you need PVC curtains for a clean area or warehouse door, or a spill kit including Neoprene mats for emergencies, we can help.

Pumps and Valves 300 x 300

Pumps & Valves

Working with key pump and valve manufacturers, we have developed many solutions in our wide range of materials. Particularly of note are the range of oil resistant compounds that we are able to mould in our in-house moulding shop, when many other sealing companies are restricted by the choice of calendared sheeting available.


Transport & Warehousing

An industry that never sleeps and needs to keep products moving throughout the world cannot afford to have unplanned downtime.

Our diverse product range and excellent manufacturing capabilities will ensure your requirement is met, rapidly and cost effectively.

Metals Thumbnail

Metals Processing

We know the cost implications that can be incurred when your manufacturing process is not running at full capacity, and stop/starting is not an option, which is why our sealing products are designed for heavy duty use and reliability, an essential requirement within an industry that needs to be constantly producing.

For more information, simply give us a call on 01625 573971 or fill in the form below.

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