Snowplough Blades Update

With the inclement weather predicted to continue for the next week and looking at the conditions on the road up to the Mill this morning, now is the time to stock up on our limited stocks of AB1 Snowplough blades. Moulded to 1″ thick with a reinforced fabric layer these blades last up to 6 times longer than steel blades alone, thus saving costly replacements.

The blades are extremely resistant to shock loads and give longer and more durable wear than steel blades alone.

In addition to the popular AB1 Snowplough blade we also manufacture AB2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 in our range of wear resistant rubbers. Despite these blades not being moulded with a canvas reinforcement we have developed an option where we supply the blades slightly thinner but also supply a 6mm canvas backed wear resistant piece the same size. This can save money in the long term as when the 6mm layer wears, it can simply be replaced.
As this is kept in roll form it can even be used to prolong the life of AB2 snowplough blades which are 10′ long.

Our range of abrasion resistant materials includes Para, black Shotblast and polyurethane.


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