As a sponsor of Joe Talbot #19 racing, we are pleased to share reports and images of his progress in both the British Superbikes Support Series, Pirelli National Superstocks, and also the No Limits Racing, Super Series 1000 Championship.

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JT19 Racing 2022 Review


Now that the dust has settled on the British Superbikes 2022 season and it is a couple of weeks since the last round, it seems like a good time to close the chapter on 2022 & give a brief overview of how the year went for JT19 Racing before we start to look forward to 2023.

Let’s start with the No Limits Racing Pirelli Super Series 1000 championship, this was the first year on the 1000cc, after 2 years of winning the championship on the 600.

Joe was eager to get going on the bigger bike, following a few weeks of testing over in Spain.


He had a good year, scoring points in every round except the last one at Donington, he did not race that weekend as he was saving the engine for the last BSB round the following week, he had already won the championship the round before, so he did not need to risk it.

He won with a gap of 18 points, scoring 6 wins and 9 2nd places, making it the 3rd year on the bounce he has won the NLR PSS trophy.


Over to the British Superbikes Superstock 1000 class, again it was his 1st year competing in this, on the 1000cc, following a 2nd place in 2021 in only his 2nd year competing in the stock 600.

He came 20th out of a field of 32, scoring points in 7 out of 11 rounds, his highest finish was 9th, he gave everything he had and there were many ups and downs in the BSB this year, gaining a whole load of experience along the way, which can only do him good moving forward.


There were also a few enduro days in the mix, an interview on the local radio station – Lymm Radio, some hiking, boxing, skiing, cycling, mtb and taking his road bike licence, so it’s been a busy year.


A few thoughts from Joe on his year:


The 2022 season was a very tough year for me, it was always going to be hard as this year I have moved into the very fast and competitive stock 1000 class.

I have had two top 10 finishes and multiple point scoring positions, so I’m happy with my achievements just not satisfied, I believe I was capable of more, however I definitely gave 100% for all 11 rounds.


The main things to take away from this year are all the experience I gained and the lessons I learnt, going to most rounds with no previous data to look back on was difficult and made life hard to set the bike up, but we always managed to get there or thereabouts, I can only thank my team for finding the set up.

It was also hard going to tracks I have never ridden the 1000cc on either, but I loved the challenges that were set out for me this year.

I am taking this experience with me into next year and I believe this will put me in a good place for 2023, as hard as this year has been, I believe it will all pay off in the end and I feel confident in myself for next season.


Thank you to every single sponsor for your support from the beginning to the end of the year and sticking by me, let’s see what we can do together in 2023.


Thank you to all the JR Performance team for all their hard work and constant support in trying to give me what I needed.


So, on that note all that remains for me is to reiterate the thanks to all of the sponsors, supporters, family, friends and everyone who has helped, although we say this every round, it really would not be possible without you and every message/photo/merch purchase is so very much appreciated.


I will be posting a video review of 2022 on the You Tube Channel in the coming weeks and for those of you who love a stat, all of the race stats are available to view on the website as always.


We now look forward to 2023 and will be bringing you news on the plans for then soon.


Thanks, from all of us.


Pirelli National Superstock Round 11, Brands Hatch, 14th -16th October 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

Brands Hatch for the final round of British Superbikes and was a tough one, following a half decent Friday, with 2 free practice sessions, one in the morning resulting in P17 – 1:29.662 on lap 11 of 14 (+2.073) then a P18 in the afternoon 1:28.935 on lap 8 of 12 (+2.067), I was feeling good for the weekend but we tried to change the gearing for qualifying as I thought it was the way forward, however it wasn’t and so really messed my session up, finishing P20 – 1:29.410 (+2.769) on lap 12 of 14.

Had another quick practice session on Saturday late afternoon, P17 – 1:29.477 on 7 of 7 laps (+1.876).


We only had one 1 race this weekend on Sunday afternoon, and I came in P15 with my fastest lap of the weekend – 1:28.437 on lap 4 of 14 (+22.692)

I was happy with my race, my start was mega which was my weak point at the start of the year, so I’m happy I have learnt and improved on them.

I struggled to get past a few riders, which made me make a move that messed me up and I lost the tow to the group in front, overall I’m happy to be in the points in my final race of the year, scored points in 7 of the 11 rounds, so ending my first year in Stock 1000 in P20.


This year has been one of my toughest so far, I never gave up though and showed determination throughout all 11 rounds.


Thank you to Big Joe and all the JR Performance team, they have had my back through thick and thin this year.


To all of my sponsors, I’m sorry it hasn’t been the best year for results, I tried my best all year on and off track, but it was tough, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity you have given me this year, it definitely would not have been achievable without you!


To my family, it’s been a hard season, but you never lost belief in me so thank you so much for everything.

Thanks to OMG and FHO for the mega parties to end the season.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me, bought merchandise, shared photos, sent messages, you all have helped get me to this point.


And a huge thank you to Gary and Terri for continuing their support into 2023.


2022 Out

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Courtesy: Mandys Sport Photography

Pirelli National Superstock Round 10, Donnington Park, 30th September - 2nd October 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

We headed to Donington this weekend for the first of 2 back to back weekends there, for the penultimate BSB round.


It was a hectic weekend, we started on Friday morning with FP1 in overcast & damp conditions, coming in P16 with a FL of 1:33.994 on lap 13 of 13 laps (+2.154).


We then had to miss FP2 due to very wet weather conditions, so we decided to change my engine which was way overdue.


The team & I worked on the bike and managed to put the new engine in that night, however, on Saturday morning, we took it to the dyno to get it run in and the engine only blew up !!!


The boys then had under 2 hours to fit my old engine back in before qualifying and with just 5 mins to spare they got me out, the weather was much better on Saturday, brighter and quite warm.


Qualifying though was not quite so good, finishing P22 – FL 1:32.689 on lap 15 of 16 laps ( +2.201), I came in for my tyre too early, which hindered me.


On to Race 1 later that afternoon, this was a good race, finishing P14 – FL 1:32.387on lap 3 of 15 laps (+24.516), I was happy with that, having started from P22.


On to Sunday and again we had good conditions, breezy and bright, I had warm up in the morning, just over 5 laps, coming in P20 with a FL on lap 4 of 1:33.284 ( +1.699).

In the race, I got a good start but got boxed in around turn 1 and was in a group for the first 3 laps, this stopped me from going with the guys in front, but once I got past them, I put my head down and reeled in the 2 second gap, managing to come home P15 with my fastest lap of the weekend on lap 11 of 1:31.865 (+28.754)


I was happy with my riding in this race, having consistently good lap times and going quicker, I am massively lacking bhp, but trying my best to do what I can.


Massive shout out to my team, they did an incredible job getting my engine in and out in time, I can’t thank them enough and to my personal sponsors, very much appreciate the support, it’s been a tough year so far, but I am going to do my best to go out on a high in the last round at Brands Hatch in a couple of weeks.


Before that though, we head back to Donington this weekend for the finale of NLR.


For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Pirelli National Superstock Round 9, Oulton Park, 23rd - 25th September 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

The second visit of the year to my home track, Oulton Park was a tough one for me.


Started with missing the first FP session in the morning, as the conditions were a little sketchy, so there was nothing to gain by being out there, then struggling in FP2 on Friday afternoon, coming in P23 with a 1:39.240 on lap 4 (+2.800) over 11 laps.


Saturday started off with qualifying in the morning over 9 laps, the weather was better with the sun making an appearance, came in P19 FL 1:38.659 on lap 7 ( +2.736) which wasn’t the best, but could be worked on.


Race 1, later on Saturday, over 11 laps, it was cloudy and rain was threatening around parts of the circuit, but it held off mostly, finished this race in P17 with a FL of 1:38.490 on lap 6 ( +23.541).  


I was not happy with this result or how my race went, but we sat down and found the issues I needed to fix.


Sunday started off with a warm up just after lunch in decent conditions, race 2 being later in the afternoon, it was delayed by quite a while as the BSB was running before us and there were a few restarts in that one, our race was then shortened to 10 laps as a result, in-between it was drizzly on and off, but remained dry for the race, we also had the safety car out for a short period.


I finished P17 again, getting my fastest lap of the weekend with a 1:37.861 on lap 5 ( +21.690).

This race was lot better for me, as my lap times were consistently quicker.


Not quite the weekend I was hoping for, however a lot of positives to take away.


Thank you to the team and all my personal sponsors, was good to see some of you at the track over the weekend and as always to everyone posting on social media with support messages.


We head to Donington this weekend for Round 10, see what we can do there.

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

British Superbikes, Pirelli National Superstock Round 8, Snetterton, 9th - 11th September 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

This weekend we were at Snetterton for Rd 8, and it was a struggle from the start.


We began on Friday with FP1, which was a wet session, and I had an unfortunate crash upright in a straight line at Oggies, so not the best start to the day or the weekend, luckily, I was ok and the bike fixable, so was ready to go again in FP2 later in the day.

FP2 was drier but this wasn’t a good session either,  I found the bike was massively out with the gearing and also some fueling issues, came in P23 over 9 laps with a FL of 1:55.040 on lap 6 ( +4.707).


On to Saturday and we had qualifying in the afternoon in cloudy, drying track conditions.

The session was a nightmare, the bike having issues and the front end was chatter city, massive problems, so really didn’t give us any chance to get a good position, coming in P23 over 9 laps, with a FL of 1:53.575 on lap 8 ( +4.001) which was not ideal.


The team worked hard overnight finding some problems, so I went out in warm up early on Sunday morning and this was a lot better, the m

ain problems were solved, getting a P16 1:52.880 (+2.541) on lap 5 of 5, a few tweaks were made for the race later that day in dry conditions, a lot of people crashed out around me, but I was battling with the right group of guys.

I kept my head down and finished P10 from a starting position of P23, also getting my fastest lap of the weekend of 1:52.133 on lap 9 of 12 (+16.999) and gaining 6 points which puts me back up to P17 in the championship.


So pleased to get a good finish with my 2nd best result this year, still had a problem with my lever in the race, but luckily it was controllable.


Thanks to all those who believe in me, especially my Dad for the non-stop work, trying to solve the problems, which he fixed and to Big Joe and Fast Benno for trying their best all weekend.

As always thanks to all my amazing personal sponsors and supporters, for all the messages, keeping the positive vibes strong.


We go again at my home track Oulton Park in a couple of weeks, I am absolutely buzzing & ready to make everyone proud there.



For the full Stats, click on the link below.

synthetic rubber used in superbike tyres

No Limits Racing Round 8, Cadwell Park, 3rd & 4th September 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

We were back at Cadwell this weekend for the No Limits Racing, 2 weekends there on the run, following the BSB round last week and it was mega, finishing all 3 races in 2nd, in very close battle all weekend with Craig Neve (Well done on the wins Craig, you were on fire).


We started with a practice day on Friday to get warmed up, the weather was good, and I was feeling positive, knowing I could possibly wrap up the championship if I did well here.

On Saturday morning, we had an early qualifying session, in cloudy but dry conditions, over 4 laps, I got the fastest lap of this session at 1:30.525 on lap 3, so was happy with this good start to the weekend.


Saturday afternoon, we had the first race of the weekend over 12 laps, l got a good start & led for the 1st lap but Craig took the lead from there, came in P2 with a FL of 1:29.608 on lap 5 (+0.798)


We had 2 more races on Sunday, the first one in the morning, the conditions similar to Saturday, I led for the 1st 2 laps of this race and also got the fastest lap of the race and of the weekend with a 1:29.530 on lap 6, finishing in P2 (+3.526).

This meant I only needed to beat Callum by 1 point in the last race to secure the championship.

In the last race, I was pushing hard and led from lap 2-10, Craig got past me on the last lap, we had a really good battle all through and I came home in P2 with a 1:30.070 on lap 3 (+0.409) which also meant I had secured the championship with a round left to spare which takes the pressure off and allows me to really knuckle down & concentrate on the last 4 rounds of the BSB Stock 1000.


I am really happy that my lap times were quicker than my BSB pace and the consistency of my lap times was good.


Want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved, all my personal sponsors, I very much appreciate all your help, I really could not do it without you, my family and team.

Also, thanks for all the support & congratulation messages over the weekend, had so many and I really do appreciate them.


Once again, I’m so happy to get the Pirelli Super Series 1000 championship under my belt this is the 3rd Super Series championship in a row for me, having won the PSS 600 the previous 2 years, the work isn’t finished yet though, as I try my hardest to improve at the remaining BSB rounds.



For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Pirelli National Superstock Round 7, Cadwell Park, 26th - 29th August 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

We were over at Cadwell in the British Superbikes series, which is a track I like, this weekend, for the first of 2 back to back races, as we are racing there with NLR this weekend also, was a little better, not the best Friday, but having minimal data, we improved session by session on Saturday in the 2 FP sessions, FP1 was in the morning, the weather & track temperature both good, coming in P20 with a 1:31.632 on lap 9 (+2.984) over 16 laps, then FP2 later in the afternoon, with a 1:30.783 on lap 10 coming in P21 ( +2.625) over 16 laps.


On Sunday, we only had the qualifying session to go at and finished P19 over 14 laps, with an improved time of 1:30.068 on lap 6 (+2.089), however I was frustrated because I felt I have could have done better, I just couldn’t’t escape traffic and then it was too late.


We had a warm up session on Sunday morning, the weather was overcast, but remained dry, coming in P17 with a 1:30.712 on lap 4 (+2.298) over 7 laps.

For the race on Monday afternoon the weather was threatening a little rain at the start line, but we got away with it, this was better, finishing P16 with my best lap of the weekend 1:29.844 on lap 7 (+35.543).


Was gutted to just miss out on the points as that is always the goal, however, the team & I are getting better and this round was much more like it was at the start of the year, with me feeling good and also, I learnt a lot again, which is most important.


Thank you to all my personal sponsors for sticking with me, we keep chipping away.

Also, thanks to everyone who posted support messages on the socials, came out to support me and tagged me in your photos, keep them coming we love to see & repost them.

Also, thanks to Jodie from our sponsors Jorvik Design Group for coming out to see us, was really nice to meet you.


Next up is Cadwell, this weekend for the NLR penultimate round, then we head off to Snetterton the following week, for the next BSB round.


For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Credit Malcolm Shorter
Credit Maclolm Shorter

Pirelli National Superstock Round 6 Thruxton 12th - 14th August 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

This weekend, we were down at Thruxton Circuit & it was my first time round there on the 1000cc.

It was not a good weekend at all, I struggled massively all weekend, I found it really hard work to find that missing piece I was looking for.

We started on Friday with 2 practice sessions, the weather was hot & remained so all weekend.


So it was a P25 in FP1, starting off with a FL of 1:19.804 on lap 7 (+2.950) over 14 laps, improving in FP2 with a 1:18.887 on lap 12 (+2.096) over 16 laps, culminating in a combined practice result of P27.


Moving on to Saturday, another roasting day, we had qual first up in the morning, where I improved the time again with a 1:17.776 on lap 9 (+1.874) over 14 laps coming in P23, so each outing shaving a bit from the timings.


Race 1 was on Saturday pm, managed to gain a place and came in P22 with a FL of 1:18.462 on lap 4 (+33.044) over 15 laps.


I didn’t give up all weekend and made a step on Sunday morning in the warmup where I did my best lap of the whole weekend with a P18 – 1:17.624 on lap 3 (+1.205) which gave me a boost for the second race later on Sunday, but unfortunately in the race, I had a very strange and unfortunate crash hitting a bump in a weird spot & went down.

I think it was one of those freak accidents with no real rhyme or reason & one where I just have to shake myself down & move on.

I leave this round P19 in the championship.


Now I am looking forward to going to tracks that I know, only rode Cadwell once on the big bike, but it is a track I like riding & am feeling more than confident of what I can do around there.


I wish to give a huge apology to the team for all the hard work I have caused for them and to my personal sponsors for the lack of results in the last 2 rounds, I am looking to make amends in the final half of the season.

Thanks also to everyone who again came out to the track to support and sent messages of encouragement over the weekend, it really is appreciated.


For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Race Reports

Track Day at Cadwell

Joe decided to take the opportunity of a track day at Cadwell Park to see how the big bike performed and look at the settings.


Not sure who took the video or the garage shot, but credit to Malcolm Shorter for a couple of cracking photos.

Courtesy Malcolm Shorter
Courtesy Malcolm Shorter

No Limits Racing Round 6 Brands Hatch 30th -31st July 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

This weekend, we were back at Brands for No Limits – Round 6.


After last weekend there not being the best, this was a good one for me, gaining my confidence back in both the bike and the front end.

It was also my first time doing the Indy circuit on the 1000.


We started off with a practice day on Friday, getting some good laps in.


On Saturday, the racing was on the Indy configuration, we had a qualifying session early, where I got a P3 – FL 47.539 on Lap 5 with a gap of +0.373 placing me on the front row for Race 1.


The race was 19 laps & just before the lunch break, the conditions were perfect, in this race I got the fastest lap of the race with a 47.022 on lap 13 and came in P2 (+1.431) it was a battle for the lead the whole way, I had got past the leader Callum on lap 9, then was battling with Kade, as he passed me on lap 11 for the lead, just had a back marker in my way which cost me the chance with 2 laps to go, but all in all, was a good start to the weekend.


Moving on to Sunday, the weather was again good, we raced on the full GP circuit with 12 lap races & I enjoyed it, unlike last weekend.

I got a front row start again in qualifying with a P3 – 1:28.982 on lap 5 (+0.694).


Brayden had too much speed for me in both races, but I managed to hold on to 2nd as much as possible, coming away with a P2 in the first race & my fastest lap of the 2 Sunday races being 1:28.169 on lap 2 (+9.637) which was also faster than any of my laps last weekend.


Race 3 was late afternoon, this was a very close race all the way, battling with Kade, right to the very end, we crossed the line together & had a dead heat as it was too close to call on the photo finish, unfortunately Kade had a quicker lap time than me by 0.1 so he got the P2 & I got P3 with a 1:28.643 on lap 2 (+12.273)

Hope he is ok after the crash he had just after crossing the line.


So, I am coming away from this round with a 57-point gap still leading the championship, as Brayden is not a contender in this, then I got the points for P1/2 over the 3 races.


Also, Congratulations to Fin on his 2 wins and 3rd in the 600 races and is also leading the Super Series 600 championship so a good weekend for the JR Performance camp.


Thanks again to my family, sponsors and to everyone who followed my progress at Brands and sent messages of support on social media, definitely got a confidence boost from the weekend, so roll on Thruxton for the next round of BSB in a couple of weeks’ time, see what we can do there.

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Pirelli National Superstock Round 5 Brands Hatch 22nd - 24th July 2022.

Pirelli National Superstock

Brands Hatch for Round 5 of the British Championship was a struggle, probably the hardest weekend I have had at racing to date really, I found it difficult to get the confidence in the bike and also in myself this weekend.


Was my first time out on the 1000cc around Brands and it was much harder than expected.


Started off with 2 free practice sessions on Friday, the weather was cloudy/dry for FP1, came in P24 with a FL of 1:30.130 on lap 12, in FP2 was mostly dry then raindrops on all sectors from mid-session, coming in P23 with a FL of 1:29.831 on lap 9.


On Saturday we had qualifying in the morning and Race 1 in the afternoon, we had bright, dry conditions for both, was P24 in qual, with a FL of 1:28.978 on lap 10 which was also my fastest lap of the weekend.


Race 1, I finished in P19 with a Fl of 1:29.366 on lap 9.


Sunday, we had an early warm up at 10, then race 2 in the afternoon, again in dry & bright conditions, warm up I was in P18 and in the final race P19 with a FL of 1:29.176 on lap 6.


I was not happy with these results at all, but I believe next time I’m there at the end of the year it will be a different story.


Apologies to the team and to all my personal sponsors for these results, I promise to try & fix them at the next round down at Thruxton in a couple of weeks.

I left Brands P18 in the Championship, so will work very hard to improve on this at the next round.


Before that though, we head back down to Brands this weekend for round 6 of the NLR Championship so will get some extra time on the track there to practice on the 1000cc.


Thanks to my family & everyone who came out to support me once again and for all the positive messages on social media.


For the full Stats, click on the link below.

No Limits Racing Round 5 Anglesey Circuit (Trac Mon) 9th-10th July 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

Was a scorching weekend over on Anglesey for No Limits Racing Round 5.


Started off on Friday with some practice sessions, then into 11 laps of qualifying on Saturday morning – resulting in a P2 with Fl 1:08.713 on Lap 4 & only a small gap of 0.080 to Ryan.


The first race was on Sat afternoon, 14 laps in bright sunshine, taking the lead from Callum on lap 10 resulting in a P1 with a FL of 1:08.137 again on lap 4 & my fastest lap of the weekend.


Saturday was a top day with good results to start the weekend off on a high.


On Sunday the races were running ahead of time, so got out early for the first race,  15 laps, again the weather was stunning, the lead changed a few times in this race, had the lead for 5 laps from lap 5 but then Luke got past me and so I came in P2 with a FL of 1:08.162 on Lap 7, which was also the fastest lap of the race, with a 0.451 gap, also got 25 points from this as Luke is not a contender in the Championship


The last race of the weekend later that afternoon was another 15 laps resulting in a P2 with a FL of 1:08.672 on Lap 5, with a 4.870 gap.


Learnt a lot about how things can change in the heat & how the feeling of the tyres can change, during the weekend, left there happy as the overall winner with 2 P2’s & a P1, retaining the lead and extending the gap from 16 to 28 points.


Now the focus is on the next round of BSB at Brands Hatch 22-24 July, which I am

Really looking forward to, can’t wait to get there.


Thanks to all my amazing personal sponsors, everyone who came out to the track and for all the messages of support on social media.



For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Pirelli National Superstock Round 4 Knockhill 17th -19th June 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

We were away up to Knockhill Circuit in Scotland this weekend for Round 4 of the BSB championship.


Friday, we had a downpour, It was actually good having challenging weather all weekend.


Starting FP1 in the wet, was good to get some wet practice in, got 27 laps done with a FL of 56.280 on lap 18 (+2.361).


FP2 was dry, once again good to get more laps around a circuit where I haven’t done many, 25 laps in, FL 50.055 on lap 13 (+1.286) & we found that we had to change the bike as we were struggling in a few areas for qualifying.

Qualifying wasn’t the best, struggling to string 1 quick lap together, could only manage P20, 28 laps with a FL 49.643 on 23 (+0.976).


The first race was eventful, making lots of passes and making my way up to P11, this was good but still was lacking something, 24 laps with FL 49.541 on 9 (+1.766).


Got out and did the warm up on Sunday morning to get some more track time, 12 laps in cloudy, dry conditions.


We made minor tweaks for race 2 where I finished P9, over 24 laps with a FL of 49.409 on 6 ( +3.370)  I was happy with this result as it is my first top 10 in the class, we did very well to come home with decent points, with a hard weekend for me not having felt fully confident & at a track I have not had much time at, but we made it happen, this is the most successful round of the season so far and I have moved up to 14th in the championship making up 5 places from the last round.

Fastest speed was in race 2 – 141.8mph and my fastest lap time of the weekend was also in race 2.


Now we move on to Brands Hatch next month which is a track I love and can’t wait to get there.


Massive thanks to the team for the hard work all weekend, to Fin for lending me his leathers, to my personal sponsors & to everyone who supports me, we are slowly but surely climbing up the field.


Have a great week

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

No Limits Racing Round 4 Croft, 11th & 12th June 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

No Limits Racing Round 4 up at Croft started off really well with a pole position in qualifying on Sat morning, in dry conditions with a FL of 1:22.356 on lap 3, being the fastest lap of the session.


In the first race on Saturday afternoon, again in dry conditions, I led for the first 3 laps but James got past me and led until the last lap, I managed to snatch the lead back and came in P1, getting the fastest lap of the race with a 1:21.602 on lap 6, I wasn’t happy with my riding though, but knew how I could improve around the track


Unfortunately in the first race on Sunday afternoon, I was leading and had a freak crash on lap 3, not knowing how it happened, it was strange for me as I hadn’t done anything different to the previous laps, so very strange, the bike is battered and bruised after the fast crash, I took a tumble but luckily am absolutely fine now.

I would like to apologise to JR Performance for the crash & giving him a lot of work to do before next weekend at Knockhill, but I believe he will try his best to get it ready so we can have a top weekend up there for the next round of BSB.


I am still leading the Championship despite the DNF & missing the 3rd race, so will take that.


Thanks to RST for keeping me safe, even though my leathers are a total write off.


Also, thanks to all my personal sponsors and supporters as always, your support is so very much appreciated.



For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Pirelli National Superstock Round 3 Donnington Park National 20th - 22nd May 2022

Pirelli National Superstock

Donington Park BSB started off sluggish, was not feeling the best on the bike, in the free practice sessions on Saturday, the track was dry & bright with intermittent cloud, I just couldn’t’t get things clicking, ending with a P17 in FP 1 – FL 1:08.965 on lap 12 out of the 16 laps (+1.190) & P20 in FP 2 with a FL of 1:08.374 on lap 6 of the 19 (+1/122).


Qualifying on Saturday was dry and cloudy, but it was a session where I just couldn’t’t string a lap together and didn’t put my best sectors into 1 lap, which meant I had to start race 1 in 21st position, with a FL of 1:08.147 on lap 12 out of the 16 (+1.372).


Race one was again dry & cloudy with a track temp hovering around 30, I had a good start making a lot of passes and feeling good out there, I worked myself up into 9th place but unfortunately the red flag came out so the race had to be restarted over 8 laps & not getting the best restart meant I had to do the work all over again, so I got myself back up to P11, but then a rider ran into the side of me, luckily I stayed upright, but this caused me to lose a lot places, finishing the race 17th, with a FL – 1:08.165 on Lap 4 (+10.380), this result didn’t show how well I was riding.


Sunday started with a quick early warm up at 10, then just one race left to go in the afternoon, by which time the sun was out, and we had a track temp of 31-32, starting on row 4.

The race was good but didn’t have the start to the race I was hoping for, then we had a safety car 4 laps into the race, so this grouped us all back together & I finished P12 with a PB lap time of 1:07.836 on lap 6, this is my best result in stock 1000 and from where we started the weekend was really good to take points home.


Thanks to the team for a solid weekend, to all my sponsors for making it happen, everyone who came to the track to support, bought merch & sent messages over social media, next we have a little test at Knockhill, as we have never been round there on the ZX10, and this will enable us to start round 4 in a good place.

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Donnington Park Gallery

I’d like to thank both Firestallionphotography and Mandy’s Sport Photography for the photo’s we have used here.

No Limits Racing Round 3 Donnington Park 7th - 8th May 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

This weekend, Round 3 of No Limits at Donington National was a really good opportunity for us to collect some valuable data for the next BSB round, starting off with an early qualifying practice on Saturday morning on a bright & dry track,
getting 10 laps in resulting in a P2 – FL 1:08.927 on lap 5 (+0.310) giving us a very good starting point for the weekend.

Race 1 was on Saturday afternoon and just 6 laps, on a dry track, came in P3 – FL 1:08.087 on lap 4 with a (+0.903) gap, also getting the fastest lap of the race & 0.185 off the perfect lap time.
Sunday we had 2 races to go at, the first one in the morning, 14 laps in good dry conditions, started on pole & came in P2 – FL 1:07.950 on lap 3 (+1.824) & 0.153 off the perfect lap and this turned out to be the best lap of the day.
The last race was later in the afternoon, another 14 laps, in perfect condtions, starting P3 and coming in P3 – FL 1:08.359 on Lap 5 ( +6.549) & 0.064 off the perfect lap.

We found a good set up and are in a good place, gaining good experience battling with a few other superstock riders, was a good weekend of learning and seeing where we are at, was nice riding at the front, keeping consistent lap times, we did
find a problem with the starts and are working on trying to fix this, I was happy with the lap times I was doing and really enjoyed riding the 1000 around the track for the first time, now have a weekend off, then time to see what I can do at BSB
Round 3.

Thanks as always to all my amazing sponsors and supporters, hope to see some of you there next weekend.

For the full Stats, click on the link below.

Round 2 Oulton Park 30/04/22 - 02/05/22

Oulton Park Round 2, my home round, started off with a P18 and P17 in the free practice sessions, this was good as the times were really close but the position didn’t reflect this.


Qualifying was a race against time with the weather, knowing you had to put a fast lap in before the rain came in, luckily I managed a time which placed me P15 on the grid before the wet weather came down,  I was really looking forward to the race knowing I had a lot more in the tank to give.


Unfortunately on the the warm up lap I realised my back brake had broke and wasn’t working, this really wasn’t good news, as around Oulton Park you rely so much on the back brake, especially on the 1000cc, so this was a huge problem, but I managed to work with the situation as it was & tried my best in the race, sticking with the group, going all the way to P9, however, not having the back brake made me have to wrestle the bike and pull myself foward to keep the front wheel from wheeling, this was frustrating as I had to roll off a little bit over the back straight and Clay Hill, then with 5 laps to go I suffered with arm pump in my right arm due to the fact I had to pull myself forward throughout the race, nevertheless I finished P14, but there was a lot more than that I could of shown if I hadn’t had the problem.

I have moved up a place in the Championship leaving this round which is positive.


Thanks to the team and all my personal sponsors, those that came to the track to support me and also for all the messages of support on the socials, we move to Donington for the next round in 3 weeks, where I’m looking to keep on making steady progress, I’m buzzing to get going now I have made a step in the right direction.

Gallery from Oulton Park

Oulton Park BSB Test 21st April 2022

Oulton Test Ready

Round 1 Silverstone 15th - 17th April 2022

Pirelli National Superstock Championship Race Report

No Limits Racing Round 2 Silverstone National 9th - 10th April 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

Silverstone BSB Test 6th - 7th April 2022

Pirelli National Superstock Championship Test Report

No Limits Racing Round 1 Silverstone National 19th - 20th March 2022

Pirelli Super Series 1000 Championship

2021 Season

Following our recent news post about us sponsoring local, Cheshire based British Superstock rider, Joe Talbot #19, this page will be updated frequently to let you know what’s going on in the British Superbikes and the support series’.

Race Reports

Round 11 Brands Hatch 15th - 17th October 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

BSB Finale – Brands Hatch

The last round of the British Superbike support series, Junior Superstocks Championship at Brands Hatch was a roller coaster of emotions, not having the most solid day on Friday, was struggling to find a nice setup with the bike and to put a lap time together.

 We found something in qualifying, then the rain stopped play early, but got it into 6th place despite this.

 In Race 1, I felt ok, was in 4th with a little gap to 2nd and 3rd but once I saw my pit board and that Jack was out I tried to back it off and not do anything silly, came home in 4th.

 Going into the last race level on points I knew I had to beat Jack, I tried my best in the race and felt confident, I got up to 2nd then Jack passed me, I was waiting for my moment but unfortunately a rider made a pass on me which had slow mid corner speed and let Jack slip away as I was now stuck behind, anyway that’s racing, it was a hard pill to swallow knowing I was so close to getting my first British Championship, even at this moment in time it’s still heartbreaking, but now I have got to move onto the next chapter and take the many positives from this season. 

 I have learnt a lot and I’m very happy with my results in only my 2nd year in Stock 600 and racing career so far overall, throughout this year, I never finished outside the top 4, 2 wins and a handful of podiums so not too bad.

Would like to say a massive thank you to all the team at JR Performance for an awesome year, everyone worked so very hard and it nearly happened but we win or lose together and a huge thank you to all my sponsors for allowing me to have the opportunity to fight for a British title.

 Thank you to my family, my dad, mum and brother for the non stop work all year and constant support.

Massive thanks to all the well wishers, we had so many texts and people coming to talk to us about the championship inc some top names in the sport.

 We will now have some well earned rest and look forward to the next challenge.

Thanks again to every single one of you, will be posting a 2021 review in the next week or so, keep an eye out for that.

 Have a great week !!!


BSB Junior Superstock Standings after race 15

BSB Junior Superstock Race 16 Result

Round 10 Donnington Park 1st - 3rd October 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

I look to regroup during my time off and head to Brands in my best form, I’m looking forward to it, it isn’t over til the fat lady sings.

Massive thanks to all of my sponsors once again, everyone who came out to the track and for all the messages of support and to big Joe for getting the engine strip done in time, in a professional way.

So we headed to Donington this weekend for the penultimate round of the 2021 season.

Was an unfortunate weekend, starting Friday with a P4 in a very wet first practice session for all categories in the British Superbike series, in FP2 managed to finish P2 putting 2 solid last laps together in the cold.

Qualifying was wet and cold, the track was slippy with not much grip, came home P7 for the grid position, which wasn’t the best but felt happy to get through the field for the race.

The race began well, it was still a little damp from the wet morning, so in the opening laps I took my time and began to trust the track conditions.

However throughout the race I really struggled with the front end of my bike, it held me back as I was not feeling much confidence in the front.

I managed just to sit in for the fight for 2nd, unfortunately as I began to set my move up on the last lap I had a big moment costing me a few seconds in the battle for the podium.

I tried my utmost best throughout the race with the cards I was dealt, we now have a weekend off, then to Brands Hatch for the final round.

Round 9 Oulton Park 24th – 26th September 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

British Superbike Round 9 at our home track of Oulton Park was a hectic one, sitting out most of the session due to dodgy conditions and a red flag, for FP2, the weather dried up and I had a solid session finishing P2 & P3 in FP1, but felt happy with the bike.

Qualifying was a wet one, I knew the track would become drier as the session unfolded though, managing to place myself 3rd starting on the front row.

Race 1, I got off to a good start, managed to make a gap of 1 second but got slowly caught up, on the last lap I got shunted hard going into Shell Oils, which made me go wide, so I made the pass back at Knickerbrook but unfortunately got squeezed out again at Lodge finishing in P2.

The late race on Sunday went well, was running a decent pace throughout the whole race, managed to bide my time and then made the move for first but Zak and I were battling hard for the lead, unfortunately I didn’t know it was the last lap, so came in P2, feel like I had a lot more to give but at the end of the day came away with 2 solid 2nd place finishes and reduced the points gap down to 10.

Massive thank you to all my sponsors as always, WMC, Charlie Farley, Altius Healthcare, also PTM, Peter Kirk, Andy Heaton & my family for coming out to Oulton to support me and thank you to the team for another good weekend.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support (lots of them ) and came out to watch the racing, hope you enjoyed the weekend.
I learnt some things in the last race that hopefully will fix the persistent problem.
On to Donington this weekend for round 10, see what we can do there.

Round 8 Silverstone 10th – 12th September 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

Round 8 at Silverstone was a tough weekend starting off on Friday with a wet FP1, I was inside the top 5 all session, but then came in with 2 mins remaining and it started to dry, finished P11.

On Sunday, the race started off well, getting the holeshot from 3rd on the grid but then 2 laps into the race the safety car came out, didn’t feel too bad in the race but Jack got into the lead and as we were battling for 2nd we were letting him get away, got myself into 2nd but unfortunately got passed after the back straight and so came home in P3, it was a hard pill to swallow because I knew I could have gone faster, was getting held up and battling around too much but taking the positive, coming away with a podium on a track I knew I was going to struggle at and after my crash in FP, I am relatively happy. Well Done to Jack Nixon Racing & AsherDurham64

Now looking forward to the next round at Oulton Park where I feel good and the plan is to grab some championship points back. Thank you to the team, all my sponsors, Rob at 151’s, everyone who came out to support & sent messages over the weekend, you are all very much appreciated.

Round 7 Snetterton – 3rd - 5th September 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

This weekend at Snetterton for Round 7, I started off feeling good with a P2 in FP1 and 4th in FP2 the times were all very close from the start of the weekend, I went quicker every session, we didn’t have to make any drastic changes to the bike just little tweaks.
Trying to better it in qualifying, I finished P7 doing a 1.54.7, it was a little disappointing considering I didn’t feel terrible when I was out there, it just didn’t feel amazing, I knew I had work to do from the 3rd row, so I tried to stay calm and focused all weekend, I knew I could do something from where I was.
I did not get the best start nor first lap like I normally do, however I just chipped my way through and led most of the race, but then I was passed on the second to last lap, I was pushing on but was losing quite a bit on the straights, I got really good drive coming out of the last corner but I just couldn’t do anything in the slip stream so unfortunately it was P2, a little bitter sweet, coming from P7 was good but I am not happy with my self for letting it go, that’s racing though. 
Would like to say Well Done to Jack Nixon on the victory and a mega Thank You to Charley Farley, all of my amazing sponsors as always for helping me achieve my goals and everyone who has sent messages of support, really appreciate you all.
We will be strong heading to Silverstone next weekend.💪

Round 6 Cadwell Park 20th – 22nd August 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

So we had back to back racing over the last 2 weekends, straight from Donington to Cadwell Park.
What a weekend at Cadwell, felt really strong from the start.
In FP1 we started with a good setting already and finished P1, a few minor changes were made for FP2 just to help with little problems throughout the lap, we came home P2 doing the fastest time I ever have done before of 1.31.977.
Qualifying was another decision about tyres, we went out with wets but around 3 laps in it was too dry for wets, so we put the drys in and took our time to get a feel for the track, finished qualifying P2, only .193 behind and happy to be on the front row.
Warm up on Sunday was very wet, we finished P1 so we knew the wet pace was there but then come the race it was a very difficult choice for tyres, we went down to pit lane with 2 dry tyres, however we saw it was then declared a wet race and through the trees it was still wet with a tiny dry line, the team choice was to put the wet front in and I went with their decision, I knew I had to get away from the start because the people who were on drys would come good towards the end of the race.
I managed to race well and did enough to bring home the P1 at the end, I think the tyre choice was dry dry, but we got the win & that is what counts, have come away from Cadwell leading the championship, but I remain focused and calm heading towards the next round over at Snetterton next weekend.
Would like to thank the team for an awesome weekend, my amazing sponsors & everyone who supports me, all my family for making the journey over there, really appreciate you all.

Round 5 Donnington Park 13th – 15th August 2021

This weekend at Donington, all started off ok with P5 in FP1, struggled a little with the bike, then in FP2 we struggled massively and unfortunately went the wrong route with the bike set up and came in 8th.
Not feeling too good, I tried to turn it around and made big changes with the bike which went in the right direction in qualifying getting P5 on Saturday, so we met our aim of the front 2 rows however was 0.4 off pace, so still had work to do.
The morning warm up was good, the bike felt good & so did I.
In the race had a good start, except I got boxed in the first corner, so made my way up to 3rd but then got passed and held up allowing gaps to appear, I was struggling with the front end of my bike chattering, but a few riders fell off in front of me, by then the gap was too big to first place, so I just tried to crack on with the minor problems I felt and managed to come home in P2, I’m really happy to be on the podium again & looking forward to Cadwell Park this weekend for Round 6, feeling strong.

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

Big shout out to JR Performance for a top job all weekend.
It was really good to see some of my main sponsors at the meeting this weekend too. Thanks again to Gary & Terri for the factory chair.
Huge thanks also to Gary – Notso-Fast Rider Coaching for turning up to help whilst he was back in the UK for a spell & good to have Beno back in my team as I missed him at Thruxton.
And as always a massive thanks to all my sponsors, family, friends, everyone who came to see me over the weekend and sent messages, really means a lot to have your support.

Round 4 Thruxton 30th July - 1st August 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

This British Superbike weekend, we were back away down south for Round 4 of the BSB Stock 600 championship.
Thruxton was always going to be tricky for me, first time ever at the track and as it is a very different track to most on the calendar.
In both free practice sessions it was wet, only giving me the qualifying session to learn the track at full speed in the dry, managed to get P9 in qualifying which I was disappointed with, as I was aiming for the front 2 rows, however, I wasn’t a million miles away on the times but had a lot of improvement to do on the bike.
We had our warm up session late on Saturday evening to try out the changes and they seemed to work, just a few little tweaks for the race were needed.
I started the 14 lap race on Sunday with a good start, moving up to 5th with the front bunch but around 5 laps in, the front 3 started to gap us a little, I didn’t feel really confident with the bike in the race but I tried my best with the issue I was dealt with.
The race was red flagged on lap 13 due to rainfall and I came home in P4, I am fairly content with this, being my first time there and knowing it was going to be a hard learning weekend.
Congratulations to Zak Corderoy Racing on the win, George Stanley Racing & my team mate Liam Delves Racing on taking 3rd.
Would also like to extend our condolences to the family & friends of the Marshall who tragically lost their life at Brands this weekend, such sad news, we really could not race without these amazing people giving up their own time for us 😓
Also constantly thinking of Brad Jones … keep fighting Brad 👊🙏
A massive shoutout to all my sponsors for the constant support throughout the season, my family for all the hard work & everyone who sent messages or came to say hello, now we have a couple weeks off so I can regroup and I will be ready to go again at Donington for Round 5.British Superbike 

Round 3 Brands Hatch 23rd - 25th July 2021

Debut Junior Superstock Win!!!

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

This weekend was the journey down south to Brands Hatch for round 3 of the Junior Superstock 600, we arrived on Thursday, all ready for the Free Practice session on Friday.
The weather report was once again changeable so we had an idea it may be a challenging weekend.
Friday morning was the first FP1, starting the weekend off with a P4 in FP1, not feeling a million miles off the pace, just needed to make some adjustments to the bike.
FP2, was fixing to all go to plan, getting in 7 laps before making a mistake and crashng out, I did not have the best time or feeling with the bike prior to the off in that session.
Qualifying was a very frustrating one, starting off wet, was running up at the front until it began to dry, so we put a dry rear tyre in, however it dried very quickly and could feel the front wet tyre over heating and feeling very soft so only managed to get 10th position on the grid which was not where I wanted to be, knowing I had a lot of work to do in the race, but remaining positive.
Race day on Sunday came around and yet again we had changing track conditions all the time, we went out on dry tyres due to the track being dry with a few wet patches around, I got a good start as I knew I needed to and chipped away, Jack & I knew the red flag was going to come out due to the rain just starting to fall, he made a move on me and I just got the best possible drive coming out the last corner and so managed to cross the line first just in time before it got red flagged, taking my first ever win in the BSB Junior Superstock.
Really chuffed with the result, especially from a start of 10th, leaving Brands in P2 in the championship race.
Would just like to thank my family for all their constant hard effort and the team for the hard work this weekend and of course to my sponsors that are allowing me to be here, I hope I did you proud this weekend !
Also to everyone who came to say hello at the track, sent messages of support & congratulations over social media etc, it really does help and is very much appreciated
We are all thinking of Brad and hoping he pulls through 🙏
Next up this weekend, quick turnaround and we go back down south to Thruxton for Round 4.

Round 2 Donnington Park 2nd - 4th July 2021 Supporting World Superbikes

Pirelli Superstock National Junior Championship Race Report

So this weekend we were over at Donington Park for round 2 of the BSB Junior Superstock
Championship, it was included on the WSBK schedule, so was quite exciting to be in the mix with the big lads.
The weather was changeable all weekend, sunny one minute, thunderstorms the next, making it all very interesting re tyre choices and set up.
Was quite a challenging few days, starting off P2 in FP1 but needed to work on the bike a lot.
FP2, came in P3, so not too bad in the practice sessions to start the weekend off.
Qualifying on Sat morning was very wet, felt OK on the bike though and we made steps forward, but I was a little off the pace in ending in P11, not where I was looking to be at all, however we remained positive and moved on to the first race knowing I had a fair bit to do, was a close race throughout & managed to work my way up to P2, but then got pipped on the last couple of laps as the track started to dry, finishing in 4th place, which was not bad from a start of 11th I guess.
Moving on to Sunday, the 1st race of the day was good, battling up at the front end, I was biding my time, knowing where I was strong, sitting in 4th, getting ready to make a move but the red flag came out and unfortunately put an early end to the race, so I came in P4.The last race of the weekend was touch and go with the weather, looking like another storm was going to hit, but luck was on our side and we had another dry race starting off pulling the hole shot and battling right up at the front the whole race, bringing it home in P3.
Another weekend of learning lots & how to improve, really chuffed to get a podium and I am ready & feeling more determined than ever for the next round which is at Brands 23-25th July.
Wishing James Alderson 19 a speedy recovery also and Congratulations to James, Zak Corderoy Racing & Jack Nixon Racing on their wins over the weekend.
Thanks to all the team for doing a top job with the sketchy conditions
And Rob 151s, love the new compression top design.
We know what to do for the next one and as always mega thanks to all my sponsors, family, friends, supporters for your messages & continued support.

Visit to our sponsors PTM/Munsch & Co. 23/06/2021

So last week we went up to this stunning location in Bollington, Cheshire to meet my Sponsors up at PTM, we had a tour of the historic mill, it’s amazing inside & out, sitting right next to the canal, was apparently a cotton mill back in the day, really enjoyed meeting everyone up there and watching production taking place, took the bike with us and had some photos taken with them all.
Polymer Trade Manufacturing produce high performance gaskets and seals for all types of industries, working in partnership with W C Munsch & Co who have 40+ years experience in the rubber industry, which gives them the expertise to solve all sealing solutions.
They also supply pvc curtains, all types of plastics, sponge, hoses and fittings, rubber fabrications & mouldings and much more.
For the full product range their website is :
Insta – wc_munsch
Twitter – WCMUNSCH
Thanks so much to Simon, Clive, Paul & Debbie for sponsoring me and taking the time out of your busy day last week.
Thanks also to Clive for coming out to support me on Sunday
and to Jade who works up at PTM, coming along for the weekend with her Dad.
See you all trackside soon.

Round 1 Oulton Park 25th – 27th June 2021

National Junior Superstock Championship Race Report

So the 1st round began at my home track over at Oulton Park.
The weekend started off on Friday with damp conditions for FP1, then later on in the session we changed to dry tyres and finished P4 which was a very positive start to the weekend, in FP2 we went out on dry tyres, but rain started to fall 3 laps into the session, so that session finished very early for us, ending in P8.
Saturday in qualifying, I managed to get a good time in right at the end of the session, I just got pipped on the last lap by James and came home in P2.
The first race was good, was having a solid race up at the front but then got pushed wide and made a few too many mistakes, so was knocked off the podium to 4th, the gap was only 0.513 to the leader but I sure learnt a lot in that race and was focused for Sunday.
Race 2 came around, started P3 on the grid with another great start, once again running at the sharp end of the field, even managed to lead a few laps, battling as hard as I could and I came home in P3, so a good solid weekend in the bank, leaving the 1st round with my first podium & in 3rd place in the Championship, lots learnt and now raring to go this weekend at Donington.
Congratulations to Jack Nixon Racing on taking both wins this weekend.
I did my PB round here also at weekend so happy with that, was also my first time seeing spectators around the track, as in my 1st year of BSB last year, the pandemic had just begun and so did not see any all year, another new experience.
Massive shout out to the JR Performance team for all the help this weekend, they were simply amazing and to all my sponsors for making it possible for me to be competing in the races.
Thanks also to everyone who sent messages over the weekend, watched on tv, came to the track to support me, really appreciate you all.


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