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Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility.” Fortunately our comprehensive range of H & S supplies coupled with our expertise at recommending and supplying the right products within this field are second to none.

Whether you need PVC curtains for a clean area or warehouse door, or a spill kit including Neoprene mats for emergencies, we can help.

Keeping abreast of changes within the H & S Market is important as regulations do change such as the discontinuation of BS921 Electrical Matting and the introduction of IEC61111.

In addition we supply a complete range of impact protection parts to prevent damage or injury.

Health & Safety

Simply give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below and one of our experts will give you all the advice and guidance.

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Health & Safety Range

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We manufacture PVC Curtains in-house and offer a range of options from static pedestrian curtains to sliding warehouse door curtains. Please click on the image to be taken to our PVC page where you will find an overview of our range.

Our matting range is extensive and covers anti-fatigue, slip prevention and entrance mats and electrical insulating mats. We strive to help keep people safe and comfortable in many environments through specifying, supplying & delivering quality solutions.

Using only high quality UK and European manufacturers, our hose, ducting and tubing range is second to none. Our comprehensive range can be complimented with a wide range of high quality fittings.

As one of the World’s leading manufacturers of welding frames and PVC, our Defender range of portable welding frames have become synonymous for both quality and durability.

Our Impact Protection profiles provide both visual warning and safety cushioning to hard, unyielding objects. Made from flexible age resistant polyurethane foam, they prevent injury, protect property and are quick and easy to install.

We supply a complete range of engineering plastics for safety in the workplace. 
From a simple polycarbonate screen to fully machined wear strips, we are able to help , and with our new Robland Table saw, delivery is quick.

We are happy to advise on any application, but final responsibility lies with the customer.


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